Soester Münzcabinett

In 1972 Heinz-Günther Hild established the coin handling company Soester Münzcabinett. A collection of coins mainly from the Old German and Emperor Eras were offered in illustrated stock lists.

In 1982 Klaus Bonnekoh joined the company as partner and co-owner. Ten years later the Soester Münzcabinett became a founding member of the WAG. Since 1999 the company´s principal office is located in the Niederbergheimer Strasse.

Interested visitors are furnished with information in nearly every area of numismatics, however appointments are to be arranged in advance.

Please speak to us if you would like to part with your coins. You can either sell us your pieces immediately or you can place them in the next auction. We are pleased to offer advice without any additional costs. Surveys and estimates for inheritances or similar are possible at short notice in return for work-related charges.

Heinz-Günther Hild

Klaus Bonnekoh


Soester Münzcabinett
Niederbergheimer Straße 11a
Postfach 1508
D-59494 Soest (germany)

Phone: +49-2921-22 11
Fax: +49-2921-17538

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